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live BOLD, BIG and BAD

live with no permission needed.


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4 Critical Beliefs That Hold You Back From Living the Life You Deserve

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I'm Vaneese.


I help women unlock their most authentic selves, and I know it isn't a coincidence that you discovered me online.

I believe we can all be BOLD (becoming out loud daily), BIG (building in our gifts), and BAD (branded and distinctive). But we have to have the audacity to own our truth.

That's where I come in! Whether you're an entrepreneur, corporate professional, or the everyday woman, I can help you disrupt negative thoughts and fine-tune your gifts so you can walk in the fullness of who you were divinely designed to be.


Who Do I Serve?


Channeling the late great Whitney Houston, I'm every woman.

I am a mother, daughter, and friend. I've been married and divorced. I've been wealthy and broke. I climbed the corporate ladder before becoming a full-time entrepreneur 25 years ago. I truly understand where you've been and the chapter of life you're in now.

No matter where you are on your journey, I can help you understand the power of your story and the steps you need to take to propel yourself forward. I offer self-paced courses and group coaching to help you live the BOLD, BIG, and BAD lifestyle you deserve.


for Executives, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

Leadership is changing in today's business world. High-stress and high-change environment requires organization executives and senior management to shift into new levels of bold influence.

Boldness Coaching helps existing and emerging leaders to bring authenticity, intrinsic values and new levels of engagement as they break through with enhanced focus and strategic thinking to businesses that face 21st century business challenges.

Uplevel and Internalize Your VERBAL Vibration

Get your copy of BOLDISMS... 

There is so much power in your words and thoughts! What you mentally feed yourself has the ability to shape your actions and it ultimately sets you on a path for positive or negative outcomes.


The BOLDISMS book will disrupt your pattern of negative self-talk and empower you to intentionally manifest the life you desire.

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What Past Clients Have Shared...

"I think Vaneese has a natural ability to zero in on the growing pains my business experiences because she's honest and listens well. She hears what's being said and what's not being said and always offers timely advice/helpful suggestions."

- Arla B., Small Business Owner

"Vaneese is a ball of fire, offering 'what's new and what's next' in career management and personal branding advice. The combination of her razor-sharp coaching and humorous delivery leave an indelible mark on one's psyche. She is truly a gift to the career coaching community."

- Leslie, keynote participant

"With Vaneese's vibrant personality, she literally changed the entry in the room and provided insightful and valuable information. She shared new insights on using social media to land a job and brand yourself and involved the whole audience with her interactive style. She puts the "P" in pizazz."

- Rita C., Chairman of Speakers Bureau, event organizer

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